Young@Workplace Pride presents: Mentorship program 2021


A 2018 study from Out Now Global found that 41% of LGBTQI+ 18-25-year-olds returned to the closet when starting their first job. Women aged 18-35 report being ‘out to all’ at work 29% of the time while men in the same age range are out 44% of the time. Young@Workplace Pride is a special program of Workplace Pride intended to target and support exactly this age demographic as they enter the workplace. Our team of enthusiastic Young members would like to make LGBTIQ+ mentors more accessible to young professionals. 

We are looking for fellow LGBTIQ+ people that are willing to invest at least 2 hours per month of their time to make a change in each other’s lives. A mentee is someone who has identified a specific personal or professional goal, who wants to become better in some aspect of their lives, and who believes that the guidance and help of a mentor can help them achieve this. A mentor would ideally be somebody who has both professional and life experience and who voluntarily agrees to support, advise and guide their mentee on their journey of being an LGBTIQ+ professional. Being a mentor or a mentee is a title that doesn’t necessarily depend on status, age, or professional seniority. Everybody’s experience is unique within the community. A mentee might come from a different background or their identity falls somewhere else on the LGBTIQ+ spectrum. If the mentor is eager to learn from the mentee’s lived experiences as well, we are also providing a reverse/reciprocal mentoring opportunity!

Do you identify as LGBTIQ+?
Do you think you can be committed for 6 months from the coming September?
Then do not hesitate to sign up!

As Workplace Pride is an international organisation, applicants are welcome from across the globe.

The programme will kick off with a virtual networking event where participants will:

1) Be introduced to the program

2) Have the opportunity to get to know each other

3) Be inspired and empowered to build a successful mentor/mentee relationship

Let’s make a change together! 

If you have any questions about the program, do not hesitate to contact the members of Young@Workplacepride via the following email address: [email protected]