Young@WorkplacePride Mentorship Program Kick-off


A 2018 study from Out Now Global found that 41% of LGBTQI+ 18-25-year-olds returned to the closet when starting their first job. Women aged 18-35 report being ‘out to all’ at work 29% of the time while men in the same age range are out 44% of the time. Young@WorkplacePride is a special program intended to target and support exactly this age demographic as they enter the workplace. Our team of enthusiastic Young members would like to make LGBTIQ+ mentors more accessible to young professionals. 

The first mentorship event got off to a great start on the 22nd of September with a large online international audience via Zoom as Mamta Gera (a leadership consultant and emotional well-being coach), gave a presentation on “The Power of Mentoring” to an enthusiastic audience of Mentors and Mentees alike.

Mamta is from the LGBTIQ+ community and has experience with being both a mentee and mentor. She has learned to be her authentic self through her own mentorship experiences. She definitely inspired the audience with her story and shared some practical tips on how to set up a successful mentor/mentee relationship.

 The second kick-off event on the 24th of September also with a live Zoom audience hosted Brand Berghouwer who gave a presentation on “Mentoring & Coaching LGBTIQ+ people to be more comfortable in the Workplace”. The brand is the chair of TNN and has a coaching practice for trans people. He explored practical ways to get the most out of a mentoring experience and building a good mentor-mentee relationship.

For more information about Workplace Pride write to [email protected]

For information about the Mentoring program write to [email protected]