Delivery Hero SE the European multinational online food-delivery service joins Workplace Pride


Delivery Hero SE is a European multinational online food-delivery service based in Berlin. The company operates in 40+ countries internationally in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East and partners with 500,000+ restaurants. Delivery Hero has increasingly branched out beyond food delivery and is a leading player in the emerging category of quick commerce which delivers small batch orders in under an hour. Delivery Hero processed more than 666 million orders in 2019. As for now, we have more than 40k employees. Our 3 Values are: We are heroes because we care, We deliver Solutions, and We Always Aim Higher.

  • What was the motivation to join Workplace Pride:

We decided to join WP because it’s part of our LGBT+ Community strategy.  As our strategy, we are working on Improving the Internal Processes, Working on Internal Visibility, and working on External Visibility. We want to learn from the best how to improve internal processes. We got audited by Uhlala last year and we got the result of 67% which is not bad but “We always Aim Higher” 🙂 Because we are a company with entities all over the world we want to make sure that in Berlin we will have the best processes possible regarding LGBT employees that can be adopted by our other entities. Also, we want to show all the potential future Heroes from the first webpage they will find on DH that we are members of an LGBT NGO and they can feel celebrated in DH not only tolerated. 

  • Which of the programs and services are you most excited about :

We are excited about all of them 🙂 but we also do not understand what stands behind them so on the call we would learn more and then we can decide which are the most interesting for us. We already are setting up a Module 5 training with Yuli..

  • Where do you stand on your LGBTIQ+ journey :

We created our Proud Heroes community in November 2019. Despite we have 350 Workplace Members in the group we have about 5 – 6 proud active heroes that help me and @Jo Bailey to do different LGBT-related tasks. As DH is still a bit of a startup we do not have the I&D work for the ERO considered as a part of the performance review so it’s difficult to have enough hands to help us with tasks. Company-wise we are in the proper direction to have ERO work be part of our operational work. Despite the lack of hands to work we manage to achieve great stuff together.

  • What are your key areas of focus in the coming period :

Now we are working hard on creating an LGBT Allyship flyer.