Harvey Nash Group joins Workplace Pride


About the organisation

Harvey Nash Group was founded in 1988 and is a global business that exists in 40 locations across the world.  With offices in Europe, the U.S.A., India and Vietnam, it serves a large community of clients and candidates, Harvey Nash Group specializes in technology recruitment and solutions working with major clients and start-up/scale up organisations.

What was the motivation to join WP?

We wanted to join WP because it aligned with our mission and vision of driving our inclusion

strategy. Luckily, we have a supportive environment but there is further room to “get on the right track” and we can see WP helping us with that.  With the Global Benchmark, for example, we are able to understand where we are on our journey and then we can ensure we focus on the right areas. Workplace Pride was a perfect choice for us it’s an international organisation, as are we.

Which of the programs and services are you most excited about?

We loved having a module from the Learning and Development program as we want to

embed this in our onboarding. One of the top things we like is this educational aspect with our

newcomers and if they’re from the LGBTIQ+ community, we feel this instills our aim to make sure they’re happy and included. For allies this provides understanding for them as most problems in the workplace are more so borne out of ignorance, rather than bad intentions etc.

Where do you stand on your LGBTIQ+ journey?

We are in a “progress” phase currently with lots of activities. We created an employee

network group called NASHPride. We celebrate our LGBTIQ+ community in our business and celebrate use dates to help us promote our view that we recognise all our colleagues for their differences.  We have policies in place but there is much more still to do.

What are your key areas of focus in the coming period?

We have recently started the process of embedding our Global D&I strategy which will help us to shape many of the foundations we are building to ensure that inclusion is an integral part of our culture.  We want Harvey Nash Group to be a safe workplace for everyone, including the LGBTIQ+ community. We are focusing on reviewing and updating our LGBTIQ+ inclusive policies, educating our colleagues and also building our LGBTIQ+ employee network – NASHPride.